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Social Media Management

Be present on the right platform

We brought someone into the world …

By the year 2020, social media had more than 3.5 billion active users. There are currently 7.8 billion people on earth, so more than 44.8% have a presence on social media. (Source : We Are Social April 2020)

Facebook, the most popular

With 2.32 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular in the 2020 social network ranking.

Instagram, mirror mirror, tell me …

Instagram is doing well and is one of the most popular social media with 1 billion users in 2020.


LinkedIn, the popular business social network, has more than 310 million active users per month.

Twitter, we’re twittering

Twitter, for its part, reaches more than 330 million active users per month.

TikTok, so let’s dance

The favorite place of the younger generation with more than 800 million active users every month.

The advantage of Agence Éloqui?

No long term contract, yes yes to the month!

With results, customers are loyal

From our experience we have understood this, if the marketing objectives are met and there is a relationship based on respect between the customer and us, there will be customer loyalty. So why hold an unhappy customer hostage? Our social media management contracts are monthly, not forever.

Optimizing your presence on social media allows you to build customer loyalty. You have to think about a strategy, it is different from one company to another. You have to take the time to define your objectives, but also what differentiates you from the competition.

The information you share on social media should position you as an expert in your field, educate, entertain and engage your fans. Those who follow you and share your publications will become influencers and this will increase the notoriety of your company.

Publications Statistics

What is the scope of your publications? What is their commitment? We will provide you with monthly statistics on your social media presence. This way, it will be easier for you and us to adapt our work for maximum results. You will be able to easily calculate your return on investment.

The right media to spread your message

Lorsqu’un décideur cherche à résoudre un problème professionnel, il utilise le réseau adapté à son marché, par exemple Linkedin pour une entreprise B2B. Les gens passent du temps sur d’autres réseaux de médias sociaux. Des études montrent que 80% des clients B2B potentiels proviennent de LinkedIn et que 94% des spécialistes du marketing B2B utilisent LinkedIn pour distribuer du contenu.

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